Friday, January 02, 2009


So there I was minding my own business when BAM, BAM, BAM out of the blue I have three different bloggers acknowledging my presence. So yes I'm tooting my own horn today. TOOT.
Unfinished Rambler put me in his "The 47 Ronin" blog roll. At first I thought it was like something from Lord of the Rings but it's a reference to samurai dudes. I'm not sure, but at any time I may have to fall on my sword for my fearless leader.

Then Ellen over at
All In A Day leaves me a comment and says, "I'm blogging about you." Sweet. Ellen is following me to financial independence. Wait until I tell you what we're doing next Ellen!

Papercages gave me an award. Holy Crap. Including the one I gave myself, the One Lovely Blog Award is my third award. All three are now being displayed on the right column. Papercages, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and bestowing this awesome award upon me!

I've also noticed that my Feedburner thingamajig is up to 21 readers, the last time I took notice of it I had 4. I must be pretty damn funny lately. If anyone else would like to add me to their blog rolls, blog about me or give me an award, bring it baby!
And again thank you for visiting and reading me:

Unfinished Rambler

All In A Day


Those 21 readers on the Feedburner thingamabob.

My #1 fans because they're family Uncle Silly Willy and Aunt Fluffy. They have to love me. ;-)

All my commenter's.

And last but not least my dog, she's who I bounce all my idea's off of.


Anonymous said...

Sue Seese, you are a blogging goddess. I only hope your husband realizes how special you are. :)

Also thanks for the shoutout. A cheap way to get my vote for, but hey, it works.

Oh, and good news, you don't have to fall on the sword today. Maybe tomorrow, though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree-- you are pretty damn funny. Keep it up. ;)
~ tricia

Suzanne said...

UR - when I speak of blogging the husbands eyes glaze over in boredom. He know about the goddess part though. ;-)
I'll take votes anyway I can get them, even if I have to fall on my sword.

papercages - thank you for being so damn nice!

Ellen said... are so damn funny!! God blessed you with a great sense of humor and a great writing style. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for shout out about me.

Suzanne said...

No problem Ellen! You started it. Thank you!

robkroese said...

Congrats on getting noticed! :)

Suzanne said...

Thank you Diesel!