Friday, May 25, 2012

How about that yard work, huh.

I'm moving to a condo because yard work sucks. Boy #1 is helping me with the weeding, raking, shoveling and sweeping clean up, we're having such a great time.
At this very moment we are both hopped up on Benedryl. He started sneezing and something bit me, three times. I have three huge red welts, two on my elbow and one on my leg. I'm quite certain I'm inches from death. I don't know if the reason I can't straighten my elbow is because of the bug poison coursing through my veins or my tendinitis.
I really need to meet with writing success soon so I can hire someone to do this shhh...stuff for me. Benedryl in the middle of the day, what a dumb idea. I need a nap. Boy #1 has already succumbed to it's woozy side effects.
I'll start another paragraph but I forgot what else I was going to write, huh.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome to Kookamongaville, I will be your Captain

The neighbors are practically writing this blog for me. These guys moved in during the winter or they've been here a couple years, not sure. But they bought a boat this spring. It isn't uncommon to see a boat in a neighbors driveway, it's a lake community. What is uncommon is to see the neighbors and their friends sitting in the boat drinking beer.
For the past three weekends the neighbors have had their friends come over, we know this because of the extra cars parked on the street, and party like it's 1999. In the boat while it remains in their driveway. I don't care what anybody says, that's going to draw some attention, specifically mine.
"I have to get a picture of these guys."
And then I heard a collective,
"You don't see this sort of behavior often, it needs to be made fun of, pointed out and on my blog."
"They're drinking and they out number us, mom put the camera away." 
They had a good argument, so I took a picture of it empty on a Monday morning and decided to paint the rest of the picture myself.
That is a Pontoon boat, which is also know as a party boat. People, most people, float out to the middle lake and party. I've never seen one of them driving very fast, they usually just meander to a spot, drop anchor and pop open a few cold ones. Swim a little, eat some snacks and pop open a few cold ones. I'm pretty sure when you buy one of these Pontoons they come stocked with beer.
I'm not sure where my neighbors heads are going with this new boat/driveway concept but you can be sure I will be keeping an eye on the situation as it unfolds. I am the Captain of Kookamongaville after all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The home of the strange and the land of the weird

There are times when I need to leave the safe confines of my neighborhood to find inspiration for a blog post. WalMart. But not in the last couple weeks. Seven kinds of crazy have been wandering around in bathrobes, mailboxes have been flying through the air and now people are walking canoes down the street. I love my neighborhood and all the kookamongas that live here.
We live in a lake community so it isn't really, really weird to see people taking a canoe for a walk it's just that they are going in the opposite direction of the shore. I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this type of behavior and I've seen stranger things walk down my side of the street, but who wouldn't take a picture of this?

And then make fun of it?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So I have a new mailbox now

I believe there was a hit taken out on my mailbox. Under the shroud of darkness Saturday night the unmistakable sound of my mailbox being smacked startled me at 10:30 pm. Boy #3 and I were the only ones home. We both knew what happened as soon as we heard it and ran out the front door. Because that's the way we roll, him with his golf club and me in my slippers. We saw nothing but the remnants of our mailbox scattered on the lawn with only its post sticking out of the ground. We looked up and down the street, remained outside waiting to see if anyone would come back to confess but it was not to be. It was a vicious assault nothing more.
Because of my outspoken posts of mailbox vandalism here and here, I believe my mailbox became a target. My freedom of speech is under attack! I guess I'm reaching more readers than I thought. Which is a way to look at the whole experience in a positive way I suppose.
As you can see in the picture, having three boys is coming in handy, the husband didn't have to lift a finger during the installation of the new mailbox.
It's has been a pleasure to wake up in the morning and see that it is still standing too.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The man in the pajamas

I couldn't help myself. I see a man walking in his pajamas and it's like a huge magnet pulling me towards the unknown dangers that might be waiting on that street. And it's a culdesac I could get trapped there. But the dog and I have been back twice since we passed the man walking down the middle of the road with his bathrobe belt dragging behind him.
We saw him both times at his house. The first walk by was Friday. On our way into the foreboding culdesac he sat in a lawn chair, pajama clad, smoking a cigarette. Now that's a normal look to me, obviously he isn't allowed to smoke in the house. We all said, "Good Morning."
Really after just rolling out of bed, throwing some clothes on while the dog bounces off the walls, Good Morning is about all you're going to get out of me. Even if we're related and haven't seen each other in 25 years at old Uncle Ned's funeral, Good Morning is all I have until coffee and a shower. I won't even understand you nor remember what you said, don't even try.
Our second walk into the abyss, today, we didn't see him until our way out. He must have finished his cigarette and he was in the process of putting his American Flag in it's post. Good Mornings were exchanged. And I took note that yes, he was in his bathrobe.
I have deemed him a non-threat and reasonably sane. I think we caught him on an off day when he looked like he had just escape a nursing home walking down the road in his jammies and light jacket. He has the presence of mind to know how to take care of the American Flag. So cut him some slack people.


Now I will attempt to post this. Blogger has decide to screw with that which isn't broken. All my buttons and whistles are cut-off so I'm just guessing at which one says save or publish.
I'm also posting from an undisclosed location. I needed to get out of my office for a few hours and I needed a mocha.