Monday, December 31, 2007

I Just Won a Contest!

Thank you to Val at Computer Chit Chat! I just won a free domain name and a year of hosting at I can start my new blog about learning of my husbands diabetes. Now this is the way to start off the New Year!
When I found out, no one was home to share the news with, except the dog. She's happy for me, I can tell. Boy #2 just came home and I told him, he said, "What's that?" There will be more information to follow, but right now I have to go call someone! Thank you again Val at Computer Chit Chat!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Glass is Half Full

I keep myself positive with one small line from a song by Jewel called Hands. I'm sure you've heard it before, it's a good song and it motivates me. Here is the line that I live by: and heartache came to visit me but i knew it wasn't ever after. We all have bumps in the road throughout our lives, it makes us stronger. So while I was driving to the bank to fix my latest problem, I asked God for help. The problem wasn't as bad as it could have been, it only cost me $35 and 5 years off my life. But I ran into someone I never thought I'd see there at the bank. Things happen for a reason, this is something I strongly believe in. God didn't send me an angel, this person is far from that, but He did send me a sign. I just got chills. Now it's up to me to do something and I like being in charge - heartache came to visit me but i knew it wasn't ever after. The glass is half full people!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

EarthFrisk Democratic Search Engine

When did throw their hat into the ring? We have a new Search Engine to look into folks. I was pleasantly surprised when I typed Farvel Cargo into the search box and two pages of my blog name showed up. There’s a tool bar. So if you are like me you have to ask yourself, “Do I want another toolbar?” But then I asked myself, “Do I want to keep the google tool bar? What good is it doing me?” I’m going to spend some time clicking around I don’t owe google anything, they had a hand in a Christmas I just as well like to forget.

Were You Naughty or Nice?

After Christmas dinner at mom and dads we were told to "come back tomorrow for leftovers." I'm the only one that showed up. Mom called me in the afternoon to see which of my crew would be there, the phone rings and she says, "Are you doing your blog thing? Am I interupting? Who's coming tonight?" Originally the husband and Boy #3 were signed up, but I couldn't get the husband off the couch, Boy #3 needed to return something and I wouldn't take him the day after Christmas to stand in a mile long line, I left without them.
So the three of us Mom, Dad and I (the favorite child) had a nice leftover Christmas dinner together. Everyone else stayed home because they were either too tired or crabby. Hmmmm, must have been on the naughty list this year.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Diabetes! What do we do now?

If I wasn't so busy with all the "holiday stuff" I'd be starting a new blog, today, right now. The husband was diagnosed with diabetes Friday. Let me tell you there is never a good time to be diagnosed with diabetes, but the Friday before Christmas is a really bad time. He was having headaches and his blood pressure was high. So he was sent for a blood test, then sent back again but told to fast this time. The doctor calls him Friday afternoon and tells him he has diabetes, stop by the office for a prescription.
Here's the part where we realize that the Friday before Christmas is a bad time to be diagnosed with diabetes. The husband stops to pick up his prescription, no doctor in the office. The receptionist hands him his prescription and a blood sugar level taking thingamajig. Yes, we are that clueless when it comes to diabetes. She tells him to keep a record of his sugar levels and call them in two weeks, cause the office will be closed due to the holidays. This is about when smoke started to come out of my nose and ears, my eyes started to bulge out and turn red and I could not for the life of me form an intelligible sentence.
We have numerous diabetics in the family, but you know how when people start to talk about their health problems you only less than half way listen? Yeah, so the husband and I are clueless. He drinks a lot of Pepsi, so he stopped drinking Pepsi and started drinking juice. His friend explained to us about natural sugars. Doh!
The reason for the new blog? Simple, this is a life changing disease. It will not only change the husbands life, but mine and the boys as well. We have a lot to learn as you can tell by reading this post. I will have the new blog up ASAP and hope you will join me and the husband on our diabetes journey.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Christmas Bracelet

I’m not embarrassed to say that you really can’t get anything past me, I’m very intuitive. But the husband got me last Christmas. I don’t know why he decided to be the perfect husband, I don’t know what I did to deserve his thoughtfulness, but more importantly I don’t know how he pulled it off.
Right before we were ready to leave for Christmas Eve Chinese dinner, the husband handed me a card. Huh? Immediately I was thrown off. He made the card himself.
Inside it said, “Some angels are created and some you are lucky enough to marry or call mom! So we wanted to Thank You for being the family’s Guardian Angel.”
I well-up now, a year later, when I read it. I was given instructions inside the card to look under the tree for a small box. “What? There’s no box under the………. Oh!”
There was a note inside the box to go to the hall closet. I was all over the house reading notes when finally I found another box. Inside this box was the tennis bracelet I had been hinting about for years. The husband, the boys and the girlfriend all had grins on their faces during this entire scene. I looked at my husband with tears streaming down my face, he looked at me with his cocky, snake-in-the-grass look that I have grown to love over the last 22 years and asked, “Well do you like it?”

To which I replied, “You had me at the card.”

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Restroom Door Said Gentleman

Here is one of my favorite silly Christmas songs and it's sung by my favorite people, those that have chosen to protect us. Our soldiers! Thank you guys!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Codeine is Kicking in!

Hey I had two root canals today! Does that sound like fun or what? Two temporary crowns. Do I know how to enjoy a Tuesday morning? All that drilling, good times. Thank God for drugs. Boy #2 bailed on me. Left me with a sick kid and a hyper dog.
The dog was in her cage from 8 am until I got home from my wild morning at the dentist, around 12 pm. Boy #3 was still in bed, wiped out from his cold. I let the dog out, fed her and she layed back down for a nap with me. I let this happen with the understanding that I would have Boy #2 take her for a long walk later.
So I cursed Boy #2 while I watched the dog out my front window destroying my big red ribbon on my light post. I still might make him take her for a walk at 10 tonight, it depends on how well the codeine and I are getting along.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

The dog is in her winter wonderland. She loves to play in the snow. Northeast Ohio had it's first blizzard of the '07-'08 winter season. Isn't it pretty!
Here's the thing, last winter I had a job outside the house. I had to get up, shower, dress, make up, do my hair, go out start the car, back in, grab all my stuff, back out, clean off the car, drive to work. Now all I do is put on a thicker pair of socks.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Must Keep my Readers

The very last thing that I want to happen after getting home from the husbands Christmas party is for the dog to get diarrhea. If I had a crystal ball earlier in the evening I would have taken it easy on the vodka. But I was unable to dodge the inevitable drama that unfolded later that evening. The details of last night will remain a mystery to my readers as I having been working hard to gain readers not loose them.
I also have a sick kid at home. Boy #3 has the dreaded bad cold that the husband brought home. I'm waiting for him to wake up so I can make him soup. The mothering instinct is seeded deep within me and I must feel his forehead soon or I will loose my purpose in life. So if I have to wake him to make sure he's okay and to ask him how he's feeling, then so be it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Have to Get Out More

I shopped, I did lunch and now I must get ready for the Christmas party. I wish I could do this everyday. No really, Dillard's has about 67 pairs of shoes and/or boots that I want. I want to spend $18.00 on two ounces of tea at Teavana and please don't get me started on Pottery Barn. Son of a bitch here I sit without a rich uncle! Lord have mercy I have to get out more.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Clever Skateboarder

You know how kids leave catalogs lying around where you can find them and they are open to a page that just so happens to be something they want for Christmas? Boy #3 likes to leave web pages up on my monitor of things he wants. He is so clever. He left this site for me to find, The only sport he participates in is skateboarding so I’m assuming he wants a new skateboard. And since he didn’t tell me about, it’s probably expensive and he’s easing me into a conversation about it. Do we know are kids or what? This site is brought into our homes not only by our children but also, by the longest-running surf trade show in the world, Surf Expo. The site has surfing videos on it. I watched some, they are pretty awesome, nothing I want Boy #3 attempting, but cool. I can see why Boy #3 spent so much time on this site, besides the videos there are news items about surfing, skateboarding and wakeboarding. I spent more time on it than I thought I would, the kid is good. I guess I should get prepared for the skateboard conversation. One positive is, I’m sure that room of his will get cleaned very soon!

Take a Picture of Your Desk

Grab your camera and take a picture of your desk. That's what I was told at the Confessions of a Housewife blog. I rarely do as I'm told but this seems like fun! I didn't straighted up just snapped the picture. Thankfully the dust didn't show up. So go ahead and click on the link to check out other bloggers desks. Great idea Eve!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Have to Finish my Shopping

Well how is everyone’s holiday shopping going so far? Don’t leave me a comment if you are completely done, I don’t want to hear about it. After the blessed holiday season is over are you going to have to look into debt consolidation? I walked out of one store with a fist full of gift certificates and didn’t even make a dent in my shopping. I’ll probably have to go get a personal loan to finish. I haven’t even made my Christmas list yet. Except maybe a new car, I’m really not sure I will find that under my tree this year. I think I’m on my own when it comes to a new car, I’ll have to get a loan for that too.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Kitchen Drudgery

I'm taking a break from the kitchen to post a picture of the cookies I baked this afternoon. Batch #4 of the blessed holiday season can be seen in the photo - Pecan Pie Cookies. The recipe can be found at Jenn Cooks. They're really good. I have my applesauce cake in the oven, 2 more hours to go! The applesauce cake is an old family recipe and I'm not allowed to share it. I'm still looking for new cookie recipes. I have two more batches to make, one will be the Christmas cut-outs and I don't know what the other will be, haven't decided.
All right back to the Sunday kitchen drudgery. I'm making pizza and garlic bread for the Browns game this afternoon. Yeah the voices in my head said to spend the entire day in the kitchen. I hate when they do that.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Unwinding During the Holidays

I’m starting to feel the holiday stress. Darn, I really thought I had a handle on the blessed holiday season. But my neck and upper back are telling me different, or the voices in my head, not totally sure. I look forward to sitting down at the end of the day to try and unwind, it just takes longer during December for me. Unwinding in a Human Touch HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair would be awesome. One of those would look good in my living room. The husband and I would fight over it and I would always win, because I’m always right and he knows it.

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Name is Suzanne

Is that so hard to remember? I am assumed to be Susan, all the time. This is even when I say, my name is Suzanne. While making doctors or dentist appointments over the phone I'm asked my name, I tell them Suzanne and two beats later I hear,
"Okay Susan we'll see you next week."
My pharmacist has me on file as Suzanne, but calls me Susan. It can be written, on paper, right in front of someones face and still what comes out of their mouths - Susan. Telemarketers, ah they're suppose to get it wrong, never mind. How much correcting can I do without seeming bitchy? After years of this name abuse, I've gone numb. Call me Susan I don't care, whatever.
I did put up a good fight for my name until I relayed this information to my mother. She says to me,
"Yeah, I wish I would have named you Susan."
Talk about knocking the wind out of your sails.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Tree of Blogs

I learned something new today! Further proof that yes, you learn something new every day. Oh and my new discovery today is how to take a screen shot, thank you Heather!
Look, I'm so excited. This screen shot is from Jessica's blog - See the Christmas Tree on her blog, well all the ornaments on the tree are linked to other blogs. Mine is the red one on the top of the tree, right in the middle. Thank you Jessica. Some people are so clever. I have to go make another screen shot before I forget how to do it.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Light Show to Trans Siberian

I had to put this on my blog so I can find it quick and watch whenever I want to! I love Trans Sierian Orchestra. This song is called Wizards in Winter and it's awesome! My kids are the ones that turned me on to this song and video. So enjoy this wonderful Christmas video!

The Dog and the Christmas Tree are Getting Along

Buckeye doesn't like to pose for pictures. She doesn't have time for such things. But she's quite the dog biscuit whore, so she tolerated a quick picture in front of the Christmas tree. I previously posted about Buckeye and the Christmas tree, wondering how they would get along. I really expected a problem. When you have a tree with dangling, brightly colored ornaments hanging from it's branches, attached to a cord, plugged into the wall and a comfortable tree skirt wrapped around it, well you're asking a lot from an inquisitive dog to just sit back and admire it's beauty. I have been pleasantly surprised. The Christmas tree has not distracted her from her main focus in life - hiding our shoes and slippers.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hello, Dialaflight?

I’m having a really hard time concentrating today. I have to make a dentist appointment and I have been putting it off. I’ve been putting it off for about 5 years now. I told myself I would make the appointment right after I got done blogging. You should see how long the last post on my other blog is. Go check, I’ll wait here for you. All right here I go. “Hello, Dailaflight? I’m calling about flights to New York. Can you get me the hell out of town?”

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bring It On Baby!

Here comes the snow and I say bring it on baby! I live in Northeast Ohio, it snows plenty here. Whether you complain, pray or cry, the snow is coming and it's staying until March. Last year we had more snow than we had in a long time. While Boy #2, Boy #3 and I were shoveling about two feet of the shh .... stuff last winter I asked them if they ever remember having this much snow before.
In unison, "No."
Then what came out of my mouth next was the sound of somebodies grandmother, "I remember back in '76 or no was it '77 ....... we had so much snow we had a whole week off of school."
Let it snow, I've seen it all and I'm ready. Besides, snow is cleaner than rain. Once that ground freezes I don't have to clean mud off the dogs paws.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Pay it Forward

The dog and I were out on the town today. First to the bank, it's our Friday thing. I had a craving for an Egg McMuffin, so we meandered over to the drive-thru. I shouted out my order,
"I just want an Egg McMuffin please."
And then I think she said $2.50. The dog was getting excited, the drugstore drive-thru gives her a dog biscuit. She's a smart dog but she hasn't been able to distinguish drive-thru's yet. Yes, my total was $2.50. I got my change and a quarter literally stuck to my thumb. Gross. That's never happened to me before. I know money is filled with more germs than a gas station bathroom, but damn, it stuck to my thumb.
My next stop was for a mocha, that's also a Friday thing. The Egg McMuffin was a detour. I went to pay for my mocha and thought,
"I should get rid of that quarter."
I had the angel on one shoulder and the devil himself on the other. But ever since I started watching My Name is Earl, I have this thing about karma, I like the good kind. I was at a gas station and you know how they have those moist towelettes next to the cash registers? Well the cashier gave me my total and I started to pay her but stopped when I had the sticky quarter. I opened up one of the moist towelettes and washed off the quarter. She looked at me and said,
"Most people would have just gave it to me, thanks."
So during the hectic holiday season take time to clean a quarter or two and make someone smile.
Pay it forward!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stuff Those Stockings With Sunglasses

Some of you Southerners may think us Northerners don’t need Ray Ban sunglasses in the winter. Think again. That snow can leave a glare that will blind you! Along with a snow scraper in my car, I make sure there is a pair of sunglasses within reach. The sun occasionally makes an appearance here in Northeast Ohio. Sunglasses can also fit nicely in a Christmas stocking. So continue your online, stress free shopping at and check out their Best Sellers page for some stocking stuffing ideas. They are offering free ground shipping on all orders of $29.95 or more. Gotta love free shipping!

Deck the Halls

The living room is re-arranged and ready for the Christmas tree. Now all I have to do is drag the Christmas decorations out from the closet under the steps. I have about five big boxes and jambed in the back that I have to find. Then I have to tell the dog that the cleaned out corner she claimed is not hers, but the Christmas tree's. This is her first Christmas with us and I'm interested to see what she thinks of the tree. I'll take pictures!

Downright Amazing

Modern technology amazes me. Advances in procedures continue, just when you think wow I can’t believe they can do that, techniques improve. The weight loss Woodlands have designed the LAPBAND Adjustable Gastric Band, that with just three small incisions can wrap the inflatable silicone band around the upper part of your stomach and the surgeon can fasten it around the upper part of your stomach. You eat less and lose weight. Amazing!

The Dog is Pissed

We had a nice little routine going on and I got a cold. Every morning we go for a walk, except the last two mornings. Now I have the nerve to move her furniture around to make room for the Christmas tree. I won't let her in my room because I'm washing the sheets, we have a waterbed I have to keep her off it when all the covers are off. She plopped down on the floor by my feet in a huff. She's going to take her nap, but she isn't happy about it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Stores Added to Coupon Chief

Coupon Chief added some new stores with promo codes! Music Notes and Team Store are where I’m headed first. I can get some online shopping done for the guitar player and the jock. This is great that they are adding stores, now I have to check every day. This site is getting to be a regular stop for me. There is a coupon for everything imaginable.

Winter Can Proceed

Winter can proceed, I found my scarves and gloves. I was starting to worry. Sometimes I get a great idea, but forget how great it was months later. I put everyone's gloves, hats, mittens and scarves in a big box in the downstairs closet, all together, everyone's. So instead of everyone trying to find their own gloves, they all came to me with accusatory looks of disbelief. "We had a system! We lost our own gloves. What were you thinking?" Yeah, it was all part of my evil plan to have them all get frostbite on their fingers, so I would have to do everything around here. Whew, glad I found that box.

Save 70% at Hotel Resevations

The husband and I were both wrapped up in afgans last night watching House, he looked over at me and said, “I didn’t expect us to look like this for at least ten more years.” We’re both sick. I wish I could call Hotel Reservations and head for some sunshine. The ultimate Christmas present for the husband would be anywhere with a casino, he’s not picky. Saving 70% at Hotel Reservations is a pretty good deal and getting out of our recliners and out from under our afgans sounds like an even better deal.

Estimated Time of Resolution

It's a good thing I took the afternoon off yesterday, there was something freaky going on with the neighborhoods electricity. The power would go off for 3 seconds, then come back on. Which just so happens to be a little too long for my microwave to handle but not my coffee-maker. Every 15 minutes this happened for almost 3 hours. After the first 4 times, I stopped fixing the time on my microwave. The power company has some issues to work out, obviously.
Although it did start to become annoying, I was getting impatient and Boy #3 was getting grumpy, so I called the power company. House was on last night! Someone once told me when you get an automated voice system, you just act stupid and you will be re-directed to a real person/representative. Hey it worked! The real live person told me that they were aware of the problem and estimated the problem being resolved at 7:38 pm. Wow, I'd like to be able to put an estimated time of resolution on my problems.

Wear a Beige Dress and Keep Your Mouth Shut

I use to work at a printing company and never had to worry about getting things like wedding invitations done. But I quit that job. I have a wedding and a graduation coming up this summer, so when I run across a site that has modern and contemporary invitations, I make note of it. Being the mother of the groom I know I’m suppose to wear a beige dress and keep my mouth shut, but if asked I’m ready with information. The future daughter-in-law is an online shopper, you go girl, and will be checking out invitations online I’m sure of it. Now I need to go search beige dresses.

Blog About This

This is what we woke up to Friday morning! I can't believe I forgot to blog about it. I posted the picture in a thread at my favorite forum, The Crabby Host, and then said to myself, "Blog about this." See what happens when I don't write things down?
See how the snow is covering the leaves we haven't raked yet? Isn't it pretty? All that snow is completely gone now. That's the way we roll in Northeast Ohio. If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.

Trusted Tours and Attractions

They told us we’d have snow today, but I don’t see any yet. Snow before Christmas is okay with me, it covers up the leaves we haven’t raked yet and it adds to the Christmas feel. Snow after Christmas is another story. It usually sticks around way too long and has us dreaming of heading south. The husband and I have reached a point in our lives that we can start taking get away vacations, just the two of us. The boys are older now and they can take care of themselves and the dog. So I signed us up for Trusted Tours and Attractions Newsletter. Just in case the husband wants to whisk me away to Key West or somewhere, I’m ready! I was also automatically entered to win four free tickets to tours in a city of my choice when I signed up. I would definitely pick something historical for the husband, he’s a history buff. Key West has a Shipwreck Historeum Museum and I know he’d enjoy something like that. There are a bunch of tours to pick from, while I might not pick a Shipwreck Museum first, there’s plenty of room for compromising for the next tour we choose. I’m not so sure I can talk the husband into parasailing, but I’d give it a shot!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Taking the Afternoon Off

Somebody gave me germs. At the moment, I can only breath out of my left nostril. That'll change though. I'm cold and I ache. But what I'm worried about is my ear hurts just a little. That will get me a doctor visit if nothing else will. I usually tough it out. I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch Heroes this afternoon. I didn't get to watch it last night, I was watching Dancing With the Stars and trying to figure out what Marie Osmond was doing there. The husband worked late last night so I was able to watch on the big TV instead of being exiled to the bedroom and the little TV.
The upside of being sick is I get to take Nyquil tonight. The moonshine of medicine, as Lewis Black would say. So I'm taking the afternoon off and heading for the couch as soon as I find where the dog hid my slipper.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dead Deer Conclusion

When last we spoke of the dead deer across the street laying next to the fire hydrant, it was still there at midnight. Boy #2 got home from the movies and I went to bed. The husband was up early the next morning. When I wandered out of the bedroom my first concern is always the coffee, dead deer or not, coffee comes first. "Coffee's ready, the deer is gone." This is how my husband greeted me. Does that man know me or what?
Apparently, the husband witnessed a front-loader unceremoniously scoop up the dead deer and drive away. A front-loader? What the hell is that? He was watching ESPN Sports Center and didn't care to elaborate. I have the internet at my fingertips so I searched front loader and here is the picture I came up with. I'm glad I missed the conclusion of the dead deer saga.

Cyber Monday

Today is supposedly Cyber Monday. For those of us that avoided the crowds on Black Friday, today is the day that retailers are offering online shoppers big savings. This is a new one for me, never heard of it, but sound like a great idea and I'm going shopping. But first allow me to shamelessly plug my online stores:
Farvel Cargo: I have a large inventory of tools, you can find a lot of Stocking Stuffers here!
Farvel Clearance: New and gently used items in this store. PokeMon Trading Cards to Glassware.
Farvel T-Shirts: These t-shirts are blank on the front but on the back it looks like someone has pinned a note on it.
Contact me here if you have any questions, I'll be checking in between purchases!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

There is a Dead Deer Across the Street Laying Next to the Fire Hydrant

There is a dead deer across the street laying next to the fire hydrant. Just when I was wondering what I was going to blog about today I hear a thump outside my office window. Here is how the story unfolds so far, because if there is a dead deer laying across the street next to the fire hydrant, it isn't over.
While trying to generate traffic to my blogs I hear a thump. I'm situated just so in my home office that I get a clear view of the neighborhood without having to leave my computer. I'm Mrs Kravitz from Bewitched. But the thump would make anyone curious. I saw a deer stumble to the grass and fall. It tried to get up, but couldn't. I recognized the driver that stopped, one of Boy #2's friends, so I went outside. He started to walk towards the deer and the mother in me says,
"Don't get close to it!"
I brought him in the house and we called the non-emergency police.
Boy #2's friend said, "I'm going to go out and wait."
"Okay." I replied, "Hey, it was nice seeing you again."
This is when Boy #3 expressed some interest in the whole incident. With our noses pressed up to the window, we watched the police come and start talking to Boy #2's friend. We saw them start to walk towards the deer and then the policeman stopped and Boy #2's friend walked back to his car. See he must have told him not to get close to it too! The policeman stood over the deer for a few minutes. The deer was still trying to get up. We think the policeman was talking on a walkie-talkie. Boy #3 and I took our eyes off the drama that was unfolding in our front yard to question the voice of authority, the husband.
"They have to put it out of it's misery, how would they do that?"
That's when we heard the unmistakable sound of a actual gunshot in our front yard.
"Whoooa! Oh My God!"
"City girl." says the husband.
So there is a dead deer across the street laying next to the fire hydrant. I would like to think there is a plan for dead deer removal in our community, it isn't the first time a deer has been hit by a car around here, just the first time we've had a front seat view.
Yep, it's still out there.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Successful Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success! I ate my fill and then some. Man I love turkey and mashed potatoes. There was no room for dessert but I ate it anyway. I managed to woof down some chocolate cheese cake and planned on pumpkin pie but never was able to do it. I had a apple dumpling wrapped up to take home and forgot it. Damn! I was planning on eating it last night when we got home, in front of the crackling fire. The husband had a fire going, the dog was laying in front of it, we were in our recliners watching TV, we looked like a Christmas card.
Whenever I say crackling, I think of Neil Diamonds song Crackling Rose and the song gets stuck in my head for days or until the next fire in the fireplace. I don't know many of the words to the song so the same ones go over and over in my head, sometimes I can be really annoying.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

St. Augustine is Hoppin'

More information is coming in from the Florida front! The aunts and uncles feed me information from Florida to pass on to my mom and dad. Mom and dad don’t think much of emailing. They are anti-technology. Most of the aunts and uncles that have fled the Northeast Ohio winter weather are located near St. Augustine. It sounds like they are having fun. The latest email is informing me of First Friday Weekend Art Walk. Starting December 7th and 8th and then every first Friday and Saturday every month there is, what the aunts and uncles are so excited about, St. Augustine Artwalk. There will be art exhibits from painting to photography, architecture, music, refreshments and a lot more. It sounds like the streets of St. Augustine will be hoppin’! They can do that sort of thing in the winter in Florida without getting frostbite. My next Florida vacation will be in or very near St. Augustine, it’s a beautiful city from what I’m hearing through the family email chain. And as I watch the snow come down as I type, well hear we go again with the shovels, boots and snow scrapers. St. Augustine sounds more appealing the deeper we get into the lovely Northeast Ohio weather.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One Mustn't Screw with Thanksgiving Dinner

My assignment for this year's Thanksgiving dinner are the mashed potatoes. I got the nod again this year. The in-laws must have been impressed with last years contribution.
I went to the store this morning for the potatoes and then stopped for a mocha. Got back home around noon, the dog slobbered on me and I went to wash my hands. There was no water coming out of my faucet. So that's what those men up the street, that I so carefully avoided hitting with my car, were doing. Turning off the communities water the day before Thanksgiving, the most important dinner of the year. I could hear a collective scream of frustration throughout the neighborhood.
About an hour later it came back on. One mustn't screw with Thanksgiving dinner. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes is devastating. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes being your fault, a fate worse than death. I filled my boiling pot with water, more than I'll need. Those potatoes will be made tomorrow come hell or high water.

Bring That Portable Scanner Home

The other day my mom found a picture of herself when she was a little girl and she was sitting on her father’s lap. It’s a black and white photo, a little wrinkled and faded, I could tell it meant a lot to her. She asked me, “Can you put this in your computer?” Mom is not very computer savvy, in fact she’s anti-computer. My parents don’t have a computer in their house. I had to try and explain to her scanning. Then once her eyes glazed over I gave up.
My husband keeps telling me about the latest technology at work and it’s hard for me to keep up, so I can imagine how my mom feels. A portable scanner is what he’s been talking about recently. It’s 14 ounces and you can carry it around with your laptop. And it wouldn’t take up much space on your desk either. It has 600 dpi resolution, huh. That would be great for photos. I asked him, “How far up on the list of people at work are you for getting one of those scanners?” He gave me one of those looks. “What, it’s portable, forget it’s in your briefcase one night.”

Thanksgiving Dinner, the Best Smell in the World

The dog and I had our morning walk, we took the winter route. Right now in Northeast Ohio it's unseasonably warm so doors and window are open and someone is cooking up a storm, spreading the heavenly scent of Thanksgiving throughout the neighborhood a day early. Boy did that smell good, I'm hungry for turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. The thought of Thanksgiving dinner makes the yogurt I'm eating right now all the more unsatisfying.
Did I mention I don't have to cook tomorrow, I think I did. My niece is having the Thanksgiving dinner this year, she will be surrounded by Thanksgiving dinner experts so I won't have to worry about the turkey turning out like the one on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Arm Yourself With Information

I was checking the history on my computer after Boy #3 got off and it appears my little darling was looking up information on .... protecting your computer from spyware. He’s such a geek. But he’s going to be very useful around here. I have to find him a geek school. I found an article on the history of the internet, how to speed up my computer, it’s nice to find information like this so when something goes wrong with my computer I am armed with at least some knowledge and I don’t get that sinking, dreaded, panic feeling in my stomach. You know when all the blood drains out of your head and you say, “Dear God, what do I do know?”

I Have Time to Work on My Blog

I added a Digg It button on both of my blogs. If anybody is reading this post will you "Digg It" one of my post so I can see if it's working? The next thing I have planned for this blog is the background and I should get to it soon. Why do I have the time? Because I have again, got out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have been patting myself on the back all week. I absolutely love Thanksgiving dinner as long as I'm not cooking it. My niece is doing it this year and all I have to make are the mashed potatoes. I might have to get up at 9:00 am, but I think I can manage that.

Student Specialist in Car Insurance

I remember when our boys were babies, the husband and I were watching TV one summer evening when we heard a big bang in the front yard. He was closest to the door and I was closest to the phone, “Call the police!” We didn’t have 911 back then. Some teenage girl drove into the telephone pole in front of our house. I remember the look on her fathers face when he got to our house, after he found out she was all right. He looked at us and said, “Just wait until you have teenagers.” I suppose that is why they have sites that specialize in student car insurance. There is cost u less insurance to save frazzled parents some money!

Morning Sue

The perks definately outway the downside of working at home. I start off my day with a steaming hot cup of coffee and shuffle into my office with my big fluffy slippers on. Let's finish your mental picture. One sock on and don't know where the other one is, don't care because I got both slippers. My big blue, fluffy zip up robe. My hair flat on one side and sticking up on the other. It's what I like to call Morning Sue. Not too many people know Morning Sue, few would want to.
The school nurse gave it a try this morning. Boy #3 went off to school today saying his stomach was burning. Here's me, "What? Do you think I tell you not to drink so much Pepsi to hear myself talk? Go to school you have the next five days off." Mother of the year, I know he's writing an essay about me right now. I take my shower at 8:00am, at 7:55 the school nurse called. "Okay, I'll be right there." I looked in the mirror. Yikes! I might run into someone I know. He's with a nurse, she probably knows more about stomach aches than I do. I took a quick shower. Slapped on some makeup, got dressed, two socks this time and left the house with a wet head. The wet head part is a problem if I run into my mother, but I took the risk.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Some Would Call It Age I Suppose

When the husband and I met, it was on a softball field. We both played two to three nights a week, all different days. So our dates were when we met at the bar afterward. Before the games we met briefly, told each other good luck and helped tape up whatever hurt. Never anything serious, we were young, a product like Freeze It never entered our minds. One day before a game the husband threw an ace bandage at me and asked me to help wrap his knee. As I wound the ace bandage around his knee and the other end dwindled, something fell out, an engagement ring. Romantic, isn’t he? We were married and the softball games didn’t quit, when softball season was over, bowling started.
When the boys came the sports slowed down. But what really slowed us down were the soar knees, elbows and necks. Some would call it age I suppose.
When the boys started team sports, that’s when we stopped. We would go for walks, bike rides and swims over the years but gone were the strenuous activities. As the years went by we became weekend warriors! Go to work all week and yard work on the weekend. On Monday mornings we started making unfamiliar sounds, without warning a groan would escape our mouths, we were starting to sound like our parents. How did this happen?

Nothing could prepare us for the undertaking of vinyl siding our own house this past year. Every weekend this summer we ripped off aluminum, hung the vinyl, hammered, climbed ladders, and oh the bending over to pick things up. By Sunday night the two of us would sit in our recliners unable to move. Some would call it age I suppose. Freeze It Gel would have come in handy. I would have slathered on my neck and my husband elbow. But now we not only sound like our parent we look like them too.

It's All About The Cleveland Browns

Wow! Usually after the Ohio State vs. Michigan game the local radio talk shows and TV stations are filled with Buckeyes talk. Not this year. It's all about the Cleveland Browns. And positive stuff. After the way the Browns started off this season, they were just about written off. What a field goal! Go down a few posts I have the video posted. And what a shame the Steelers lost yesterday, gee that's too bad.

Christmas on the Beach

For my entire life, Christmas and New Years Eve have always been celebrated in Northeast Ohio. The mere thought of leaving the comfort of the blustering Northeast Ohio weather was considered blasphemy. It just wasn’t done. My husband and I would load the presents first in the car and then the kids. Schlep over to my mom and dad’s. Open presents, load them in the car, load the kids back in. Drop the load of presents off at the house and load the next round of presents for the other set of parents house. I’m not complaining. Those are cherished memories. We will always remember the ride home that one year the Boy #1 threw up in the convent parking lot, it was the first opportunity my husband had pull over. New Years Eve we were to broke to go anywhere.
The boys are older and before (Dear God I can’t believe I’m saying this) grandchildren come along I’d like to spend a Christmas in the sun, on the beach. Radical of me isn’t it? I’d like to grab the whole family and rent a house or a condo like I’ve read about, those Oregon New Years vacation. That would be so much nicer than a bunch of hotel rooms. And it’s fun to go to this site and watch the 360 views of the houses for rent. Oh dare to dream!

Ohio Can Celebrate

And here is another picture of Buckeye chewing up her Michigan chew toy! Muhaha! We had a good football weekend. The guys in my house are all in a good mood. The Ohio State t-shirts have served their purpose and are now in the laundry hamper. It is now November 18, 2007, Monday afternoon, at 1:50 pm and Michigan still sucks. At least that what I heard.
And in my previous post you can see the video on that wonderful field goal kick by Phil Dawson of the Cleveland Browns. It's the one everyone is talking about today!

Are there any Cleveland fans reading my post? If so, do you think Cleveland is turning a corner in the sports world and we are actually in for some good times and perhaps a championship?

Make Sure Your Address Can Be Seen

When your parents reach their golden years, and they love when you refer to them that way, they pretty much have seen it all when it come to Christmas presents. They have coffee mugs from the grandkids coming out the wazoo, a pair of slippers in every room of the house, knick-knacks on top of knick-knacks and they will disown you, throw you out of the will if you should ever mention, just mention, the fruit-of-the-month club. My mother-in-law just told me yesterday, “Don’t get my anything, I don’t need anything, don’t waste your money.” If it were that easy.
Several times both my parents and my husband’s mom have had to call an ambulance to their house for one reason or another, this goes along with the golden years. Children don’t want to hear about those emergencies but as we slowly start to take care of them instead of visa versa one thing to think about is making sure there is a clear view of the house address. So the ambulance driver can see it. Almost as important is so the pizza deliveryman can see it. The importance could be a toss up depending on how old you are.
So let’s tie this all in together shall we? Christmas presents for your hard to buy for golden years parents! Check out the Artificial Rocks Factory. You can find a decorative rock with a house number on it. They come in different shapes and sizes. In different colors also, sandstone, slat gray and red rock. If you go to the site you can get a 360 view of the decorative rocks, I love when sites do that. You can find something to go with the décor of the landscape of any house you make a purchase for. Whether it’s for your parents or grandparents to give you peace of mind or for yourself so the pizza man can find you.

Cleveland Browns Phil Dawson Kicks A 51-yd Field Goal

Get your purple butts back on that field! Of course the field goal is good! Can you believe that? Two refs can't see that and they're are standing right there? Finally Cleveland gets a call to go our way....eventually.
My family all had on our coats while watching the field goal attempt, we were on our way to my sister-in-laws for dinner. We just expected Dawson to miss it because we are jaded Cleveland fans. The officials motioned no good. My husband said, "Let's go." Boy #1 and Boy #2 both said, "Whoa, wait a minute! That was good!"
I wish I would have taken a picture of all of us standing in the living room with our coats on and me holding a plate of brownies watching the TV, waiting for a ruling on the field.
Cleveland went on to win the game and this time the Browns got closer to the goal post for Phil Dawson and he made it with no problem.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Top 10 Christmas Gifts

I found some more coupons! You can’t have enough coupons during the holidays. With all these coupons I’m finding you will have a coupon for every gift you buy this year. Ladies and Gentlemen let me present to you the Top 10 Christmas Gifts. If you haven’t started shopping yet is a good place to start. If you have started already, Way To Go! I have barely started but at least I have a few things to cross off my list. has top 10 lists for family gifts, for her, for him and for kids. You can find some great ideas. Everyone has that hard to shop for person on his or her list and I feel for you if you have more than one. Click on one of the items in the top 10 list and it will take you to a full description of that item. You will be provided with a coupon code and a link to order.
Last month I vowed to myself to have a stress free holiday season. One of the ways I plan on achieving that goal is to shop online. That way I avoid long checkout lines and crowds, and don’t forget trying to find a parking space. Join me in keeping your blood pressure down during the blessed holiday season.

The Crabby Host

The Crabby Host is hoppin' tonight! That's a message board that I belong to and it's filled with so many fun people. Also filled with useful information about online selling. The membership grows every month. There are mostly online sellers that own their own website but also sellers at the online auction sites. So if you are an online seller and need some advice stop by to see us. Or if you are looking for some fun we have that too! My user name there is Farvel Cargo, of course.

Sending Another One Off Into The Real World

I will soon have another kid graduated from High School. Boy #2 has gone from being a history teacher to a policeman to an electrician in a span of three months. When he does pick a profession and sticks with it what do I do about our healthcare insurance? Does he have to be a full time student to still be covered by our family insurance policy? Because some of these professions he coming up with look like he would go to a trade school. I thought I had enough to do this summer I hope I’m not working on finding medical insurance quotes. I’m going to have to put in my 2 cents again and tell him what to do with his life. I’m pretty good at that, I just can’t get anyone to listen.

Wrap It Up

I hope my sister-in-law has something good to eat at her house tonight. I'm going over for a jewelry party and I haven't eaten dinner yet. And since I've been in front of the computer all day, I'm not going to have time to eat before I leave. At this jewelry party I'll be shopping for myself for Christmas. When I find something I like, I'll buy it, give it to Boy #3 and say, "Here honey, this is what you are getting me for Christmas, wrap it up!" It's a good system I have.

Jingle Those Keys and I'm Ready To Go

Most of us, at one time or another have had to make a quick get away. Whether it was for a family emergency, a work related problem or we had had enough of the daily grind, threw up our hands and said I need a vacation now. Just this past summer my husband asks me, “How much do we have in the checking account?” “Uh oh. Why?” “Let’s go away for a long weekend.” We can pick up and go easier than we use to, our kids are older and a little more self-sufficient.
Last minute hotel rooms are not easy to acquire and are usually expensive. We ended up staying at our second choice hotel that was a little out of our way. Because there wasn’t enough money in the checkbook. Planning ahead is over-rated. Why should you be penalized for being spontaneous? Finding someone that understands the fast paced lives we live is easy. I found, they specialize in last minute short breaks in the UK. They can find you last minute deals and save you some money. I wish I had thought of that in the summer. The next time my husband wants to know how much we have in the checking account, I’ll be ready!

GO Ohio State! O. H. I. O.

We are in the Cleveland area and have been forever. My husband and I have been brought up as Cleveland sports fans. A life sentence of heartache. Around this time of year we venture out of our comfort zone and proclaim our allegiance to the Ohio State Buckeyes.
O. H. I. O !
We named the dog Buckeye. Here you can see her with her chew-toy, a little Michigan doll. She's trying to destroy it. Boy #2 is just getting her ready for the game tomorrow. Isn't she precious?
Ohio State vs. Michigan
12:00 PM ET, November 17, 2007
Michigan Stadium , Ann Arbor , MI

I'm Not Trying to Interfere

I added in my 2 cents again. When you become a mother it just happens, you can’t keep your mouth shut. Let’s face it we’ve been telling these kids what to do since, well with Boy #1, since before he was born. “Stop kicking kid!” How are we suppose to just stop? So I told him he should be looking into Term Life Insurance. “What? You get the best rates when you’re young. Don’t look at me like that.” I told him to check out Advantage Term Life’s website and get himself a quote. He’s getting married next year, it’s the responsible thing to do and I’m not trying to interfere, much.

Hey! How Stupid Do We Look?

When I wake up in the morning, while trying to get Boy #3 out of bed, I put on Fox News. I have to make sure the world isn't blowing up before I start my day. This morning I got to see a recap of the winners and losers in the Democratic debate. They have a moving chart of the reactions of people while watching the debate. It's explained to us that the viewers have a significant drop in approval when the Democrat Candidates go after each other with personal attacks. Okay. Show me a visual. They do! The TV screen fills with a chart and moving lines. They show a question being asked and then Hillary and Obama go at it. We see the lines descend. Really with my own eyes I can see the lines descend. But the reporter decides to use his pointer to show me the lines descending. Thanks pal. Talk down to me some more.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Have Medicine Head

I'm a little groggy! I have medicine head. I had to take some sinus pills this morning because I woke up with a headache and a little dizzy. Dizzier than usual! HA! It feels like my head is filled with............snot, for the lack of a better word. I really don't have time to go to the doctor so I hope this isn't a sinus infection. I need to go make soup. And try to avoid a nap. Someone on the message board I frequent said I need mint tea. I have every flavor of fruity tea there is but no mint. I wonder if I could just heat up a LifeSaver?

Time to Take a Family Picture

There is a name that floats around the online seller message boards quite a bit when it comes to our business cards, letterhead and marketing material and that name is Vista Print. So when I think of my Christmas cards for this year, my first stop is Vista Print and it will be my only stop. You can’t beat their prices or service. This year I’m getting photo cards because it’s been a few years since I sent out a family picture. The boys were all shorter than me the last time I sent a group picture! Now we’ve added a fiancé and a dog to the mix. Oh and we have a new fireplace to take the picture in front of. I just have to figure out what to do with my hair.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miscalculations and Mocha

I just got back from the bank. I had a miscalculation in my checkbook again. The good news is I think I caught it in time. And since I was out, picked myself up a mocha. It's easier to spend my day blogging with a mocha. I'm addicted to mocha cappuchino, if I'm out in the evening I'll stop and buy one, put it in my fridge for the next morning. I have one in there right now, but since I had the unexpected outing this morning I'll save it for tomorrow. There's no reason to let my husband know about the miscalculation unless I didn't catch it in time. I'll fill him in on it if necessary. He's very much aware of my math problem.

Cheatin' Husband Lost His Jaguar

Too funny, Boy #2 has been on the web looking for a sports car for a while now and is always calling me over to “check this out mom”. I roll my eyes and go take a look. But this time it was well worth the look. He found this Cheap Jaguar and we had a really good laugh! The ad starts off like this: Car Belongs To Cheating Rat Of A Husband. But The Idiot Had The Car Registered In My Name So It's Mine To Sell.
What’s that old saying? “If you’re gonna play, you’re gonna pay.” I think the wife got the cheating husband good! The cheatin’ husband had his Jaguar registered in his wife’s name and then he cheated on her. So she put his car up for sale at Buy Your Car in the Used Car section, after she threw paint on it. And she listed it at half of what it was worth. You go girl! Buy Your Car also sells New Cars and has information on Car Loans. Who would have thought that I could teach my son some life lessons on a Used Cars website? I asked him if he learned from this ad and he said, “Yeah, make sure everything is in my name!”

Dinner and a Flashlight

When I went to the store yesterday to buy something to make for dinner, perhaps I should have taken into consideration the recent time change. I bought a London Broil and those small red potatoes all to be cooked on the grill....... in the dark. We finished siding our house but haven't installed our outdoor lighting. So I was winging it out there with a flashlight. The weather was nice that's why I decided to cook outside, but didn't think it all the way through. That's where the flashlight came in to the dinner preparation.

Save Money With Coupons

Need a coupon for your holiday shopping? I plan on saving as much as I can when shopping this holiday season. I will be spoiling my dog for her first Christmas with us at PETsMART. And Boy #3 has a very long list of computer stuff, it sounds like he’s speaking another language when he tells me what he wants from BestBuy. He is going to have to make me a very detailed list, you know talk down to me.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Twelve Pains of Christmas

I've started to listen to Christmas songs already. It's my favorite part of the holiday season. I love Christmas music and my favorite song is Oh Holy Night. I crank the CD's up in my car and sing my heart out. I like the funny songs too, like "Walking Around in Womens Underwear".
I found this video on YouTube - The Twelve Pains of Christmas for your listening and viewing pleasure!

Watch out for the Jerk Behind Me

I should probably get something done today. In other words I need to make some money. So I will plug my online stores again! Farvel Cargo has tools, lots of great gifts for guys ranging from $1.00 to $150.00. Great ideas for stocking stuffers and small gifts for dad from the kids. Or even grandpa! And don't forget these funny T-Shirts. They have the look of a note pinned to an unsuspecting victim! The one pictured says, "Watch out for the Jerk behind me!"
The sun is coming out in Northeast Ohio so that means I get to walk the dog without an umbrella. It's going to be a good day!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Have Become My Mother

It is impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. That being said, I shall explain. I have become my mother. When you have lived though raising small children you can’t help but throw out advice, whether it’s asked for or not. I started telling my niece about Innovative Tutor, and her daughter isn’t even in school yet. I received a look. I was just trying to help. Now see there’s my mom again.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Stepped In Dog Poop

One of the many reasons I held out so long on getting the family a dog is, I figured with all these guys in the house they'd be stepping in dog poop and tracking it into the house. So far the only one that has brought that prophecy to fruition is me. Three different times. When you think you've clean it all up you still smell it, somewhere. And I have to get rid of the evidence quickly before someone says I told you so, because I'm the only one that is suppose to say that around here. Where the hell is my scrub brush?

Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Chaotic

Why is it that both of the stores I do my Friday big time shopping at have to be under construction? Both of them! I went to Wal-Mart today and they are turning it into a Super Wal-Mart. They have tampons on one side of the store and maxi-pads all the way at the other end. It's chaotic. Even Boy #3, who is only fifteen knows that tampons and maxi-pads belong in the same aisle. Somebody better straighten them out.

Let's Share Cookie Recipes

I have to start my Christmas cookie baking. I usually make five to seven different batches of cookies every year. I put them in the freezer, buy some decorative plates and I can whip up a wonderful plate of cookies when invited over to friends house during the blessed holiday season. I try one or two new recipes every year, but stick to a few basics also. My husband and boys would strongly protest if I didn’t make my Peanut Butter Cookies, they are the house favorite. And I have to make a double batch, one for the freezer and one for them. A double batch requires muscle with an Eclectrics® Mixer and would be much easier to mix with a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer. Anything that helps me spend less time in the kitchen makes me happy. And since I’m seeking a stress free holiday season a Hamilton Beach® Mixer can help me in that quest. I can share my Peanut Butter Cookie recipe with you!

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe
1 - ¾ cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup butter of margarine
¾ granulated sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
¾ cup peanut butter
Stir together flour, soda and salt. Set aside.
Cream together butter, peanut butter, and sugars. Add egg and vanilla and beat well.
Stir in dry ingredients.
Drop by level tablespoons onto greased baking sheets.
Use fork to make crisscross pattern on top of each cookie.
Bake in 350 degree oven about 10 minutes or until lightly browned.
Cool on baking sheet.

Now if anyone wants to share a cookie recipe with me I will be more than happy to entertain the idea of adding it to my list!

I Don't Know What They'd Do Without Me

Sometimes I do stupid things but it's with good intentions. I was getting dinner ready last night and took my big Grab-it bowl out of the oven, put the lid in the sink. The sink was full of dishes, so this very hot glass lid was sitting on top of the dirty dishes, taunting the family to touch it and burn themselves. Being the caring wife and mother that I am I ran cold water on it. So now instead of burning themselves, they'll just cut themselves on the shattered glass.

Jewelry, Put it on Your List

With all the holiday planning going on don’t forget to make your own list! Over the years my husband knows to just buy me jewelry. I help the poor guy by leaving pictures out in the open for him to see, like Corum Watches, Robert Coin Earrings and I make sure the website is clearly visible. This way he can take it to work and the ladies he works with can help him from there. It’s a girl thing. When it comes to jewelry we are all pretty much on the same page.

My Office Window

I have strategically positioned my computer next to the window in my office. This way I can keep an eye on the neighborhood while I work. I'm right over the driveway so I know when someone is here, I know the neighbors across the street are having some work done inside their house and the same people diligently walk by every morning or jog, but mostly walk.
I also know my yard needs to be raked again and I know when the mail gets here. Does this make me Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spreading Holiday Cheer

I have found yet another great gift idea, just think of it as my little way of spreading Holiday Cheer. For the travelers on your list this year, how about a New York CityPass? It contains a ticket to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the new Greek and Roman galleries, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. Plus, a trip to the top of the Empire State Building Observatory and tour of the Manhattan skyline from the water aboard a Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise, along with a map, public transportation information and insider tips on the best time to visit each attraction, plus you avoid the ticket lines.
Now that’s a gift! And a great idea. Only $65 for adults and $49 for kids 12 to 17 years of age. I’ve never been to New York City before I’m such a hick. I’d have to go with someone that has been there before.I’ll have to pass this information on the my parents, they go on a get-away every February with there friends. And this offer the CityPass is good from December 15 to March 15, perfect for the February Group, that’s what they call themselves.

Boy #2 Threw Up

What's nice about your kids being able to drive themselves to school is that when they get sick at school they can drive themselves home. I just got a call from the high school telling me Boy #2 threw up. Well tell him to come on home. Throughout the years that I've been called to the school to pick up a sick kid, I've still been in my bathrobe, just about to eat my first bite of lunch, sick myself and in bed, at work, just out of the shower, you name it. So the glass is half full today. Soon to be full of ginger-ale, I need to get to the store as soon as I do something with my hair.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America National Memory Screening Day

November 13, 2007 is Alzheimer's Foundation of America National Memory Screening Day. It’s being promoted to help early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses related to memory loss. Can you imagine someone you love forgetting you? We talk about loosing family pictures and mementos in a fire or in a computer crash, but to loose the memories and recognition, a lifetime? It scares me. There are screening sites all over the country that are offering free, confidential memory screenings. Go to the site and search your state for a screening site, there are a bunch of them in Ohio, I checked.
While memory screening and early detection of Alzheimer’s and other memory loss illness’s are an important part of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, it is that, part of a wonderful organization dedicated to finding a cure. Dedicated to insuring proper care and improving the quality of life for those afflicted with memory loss diseases. Donations are extremely appreciated. Do you have someone on your holiday gift list that is difficult to buy for? Make a donation in their name or a loved ones name that is or has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s.I cherish the memories my mom and dad have of the old days. My mother-in-law loves to tell us about Aunt Jean and Uncle Chubs farm. About a month ago I found out I had an Uncle Nub. “Uncle Nub?” I asked, “Well, he lost a few fingers when he was a teenager.” Oh my God! You can’t make that stuff up! And that kind of information is probably not in writing anywhere. My grandfather was called Slim because he was skinny and I had an Uncle Java, because he liked coffee so much. Our parents are a wealth of information and memories. And it would be a shame to not be able to access those fun stories. Poor Uncle Nub.

Am I a True Fan?

Is it too late to jump on the Cleveland Browns band wagon? I haven't really been a true Browns fan since they moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. It just hasn't been the same. Coach after coach, quarterback after quarterback and loss ofter loss. They haven't really stirred much excitement in our household. But they are starting to win. Should I invest my Sunday's into the Cleveland Browns again?

The Mist by Stephen King

Wait a minute, did I just see a Stephen King commercial? I thought I did. The next time the commercial came on the TV, I stopped everything I was doing and at the time I was talking to my husband. Whoops. It was a commercial for The Mist by Stephen King. I thought I read all his books. How did I miss this one? I’m off to the bookstore after my shower this morning. Stephen King is an incredible author. I remember reading The Green Mile and couldn’t believe how lost in that book I became. The way he described Paul’s urinary infection put me in pain.
The Mist will be in the Theaters November 21, plenty of time to read the book first. I mentioned the movie to Boy #2 and his girlfriend and their eyes lit up, “That looks like a good movie.” They said in unison. This is good, because I don’t know if I will be able to get my husband to take me and I’ll need a backup plan. My husband and I don’t see eye to eye when it comes to movies. He did like The Stand by Stephen King so there is hope.I want to see this movie and the fact that Thomas Jane is in it makes it all the more appealing.