Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stubborn Took on a Whole New Meaning

"I white-hot hate school clothes shopping for you with every fiber of my being. I've told you that before, right?"
"Yeah, but you've never put it quite that way."

This is the conversation Boy #3 and I had on our way out of the mall, that and where to stop to eat. Since he was about 4 years old, no maybe 3, stubborn took on a new meaning for me. Once in K-Mart my mom and I had to wrestle a screaming 4 year old into a winter jacket to see if it would fit. We literally had to hold him down on the floor to try a pair of shoes on his feet. I would have to distract him while getting him dressed in something new. Still hanging in his closet is the cutest little polo shirt with plaid shorts and suspenders, size 4T, never worn, because he had a fit when I tried to get him to wear it.
Now at the wonderful age of 16, he will only shop at one store.
"You're not coming in here with me are you?"
"Who else is going to make sure you have enough room in the crotch, honey?"
When I get old and can't take care of myself, I'm living with him. It's in my will.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am Humbled

Apparently I am an Awesome Blogger Friend. And I have an award to prove it. Ann over at A Nice Place In The Sun bestowed the award upon me. She has me lumped in with some pretty awesome bloggers, so I am humbled. Thank you Ann!

The award originated at Ettarose-Edge of who I have been dropping EntreCards on here and there and her blog is a hoot! Stop over there for a laugh.

This is way cool for me, it's my first award. You like me, you really like me!

This morning, after going through what seemed to be a bout of writer's block, I had a post idea explosion in my brain. I don't know what happened but I now have a list of posts to write. Every 5 minutes a new idea popped in my head. I always keep a list going by the computer. So I went rifling through the papers on my desk, nothing had been added to it in a while. In fact there was only one idea written down and I'll post about it as soon as I figure out what I meant when I wrote down - "Lady zipper" it has me quite puzzled.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Laundry Issues

I've been so busy at work this week, so tired. I had M & M's for dinner tonight. And chased them down with Pepsi. I plan on being witty and funny this weekend. Perhaps even profound but don't get your hopes up. I just found out that Boy #3 has been wearing dirty socks all week. I'll have to buy him some new ones, I don't want to over tax myself with too much laundry. I wonder if anyone else in the house has laundry issues?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blame it on the Vodka

I crawled out from under my rock Saturday night and danced the night away at Boy #1's wedding reception. I've never bothered to learn any of those "line dances" except for the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey. The steps to the Electric Slide have always eluded me. There's another one and I can't remember the name but the man singing the song tells you what to do. So after several vodka and orange juice's, I said, "Hell, I can do that." So, carefully, so's not to spill my drink, I stomped my right foot, jumped two times, did the Charlie Brown and said, "Hey I'm dancin."
Later in the evening while out on the dance floor the sister in law informs me that she requested "Da Butt". My blank stare and vodka soaked grinned surprised her and my cousin.

"You've never shook it to Da Butt?
"I hardly ever shake it."

Before I knew it, I was doin Da Butt. I was shakin it. Really, when you have Da Butt, you don't need The Chicken Dance or The Hokey Pokey.
I found a Da Butt video on YouTube just in case I'm not the only old fart in the room.

Thankfully when I searched Da Butt on YouTube, I didn't find a video of myself. If you see me on YouTube, please be kind.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Goofier Side of Life

One of the goofiest memories of the husbands and my marriage was the day (way back in the day) we had our brother-in-laws over, they were helping us put up new kitchen cabinets. Star Trek was on, because we're Trekkie's. Not the new Star Trek, we are purest, the original Star Trek where most of the cast is dead, half dead or Price Line negotiators. The episode that was on that afternoon was the one where the aliens took Spock's brain. Having seen it before we went about our work glancing at the television occasionally. Never missing a beat or drawing attention to our nerdness.
My main job that day was to keep the kids out of the way, I was in the living room changing a diaper (I told you, way back in the day) and watching the TV. Before I knew what I was saying it came out, "Dear, they're putting Spock's brain back in."
"Oh." Before he knew what he was doing he put his tools down and joined me in the living room, leaving our brother-in-laws to stare after us. Their mouths hanging open in utter amazement. They then looked at each other as if to verify that they had just seen and heard the same thing. Both of them cocked their heads to the side, grinned and stored the information away for future use. Boy they use that information often, weddings, picnics, birthday parties, even at a funeral once.
We all just attended a wedding Saturday night so that goofy moment in history is fresh in my brain.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Get Off Your Butt

The company I work for is big on charitable functions. Once a month they pick a charity to focus on. Coming up very soon is Alzheimer's Memory Walk Funds need to be raised to help prevent, treat and cure this disease. And we can help!
Across the United States Teams are organizing. Friends, relatives and co-workers are uniting for the Memory Walk. Team Captains are needed. Can you step out of your protective cocoon for a walk? Can you organize a small group of people to do the same? Ask three friends to join you and in turn they can ask three friends. You have a team now!
The only way I’m going to get off my butt and participate is to have people motivate me. The people at work with their endless caring and giving is what I need to inspire some charitable acts on my part. Let’s get off our butts and take a walk.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Monday, August 04, 2008

Mrs. Kravitz Moment, Aug. 4, 2008

I'm so proud of the neighbor kid. He's finally shed the training wheel monkey off his back and is riding around the neighborhood on two wheels, mom and little sister running behind him.

I know my readers have been patiently waiting for my latest "Mrs. Kravitz moment," the last one was about turds. It started off with the kid and the training wheels but ended up with dog poop. You just never know what will unfold outside your office window.
Today I'm focusing on one of the first major steps towards independence. And I don't think she's going to let him do it just yet. She's keeping up with him pretty well. I don't know what it is with us moms and their children riding off and leaving you in the dust on that first solo bike ride, but it tugs hard at the heart. Perhaps we know right then, deep down that we're the next monkey on their backs they are going to try to shake.

I won't get sappy, I won't get sappy, I won't get sappy.

Maybe I'm a little sappy because I've spent the last 3 weeks signing Boy #2 up for college classes and when sitting in the councilors offices in college, all of a sudden I became a lump in the second chair with my purse on my lap. Straining to see over my baby's broad shoulder as he plans his future.
Is this the little boy I taught to ride a bike?
Shouldn't I have a little more say in what he does with his life so he can support me when I'm old?
I'm getting away from this window before I get all misty.