Thursday, June 14, 2007

How Did Farvel Cargo Get its Name?

Eight people were sitting around our dining room table one Sunday afternoon eating homemade soup.
"The" discussion began.
Not about starting a company, no, about the soup. My grandmother taught my mom how to make it and then mom taught me. Though the ingredients have been re-arranged and changed, one ingredient remains constant - egg farvel. It's a little round kind of noodle, kind of like barley but not. My husband (one of the eight) makes fun of it all the time because it sounds funny and well, he's a goof. He raised 3 boys (more of the eight) that are goofs. Add my husbands friend, goof, and a girlfriend of boy #1 you have a dining room table full of egg farvel jokes.
The conversation eventually drifted to why we were there in the first place to discuss a tool business venture.
Jobs were handed out. I was put in charge of a name and logo. The name Farvel Cargo was a joke! I was messing with them as payback for making fun of my soup. They liked it. There are a strange group of people. We started off at a Flea Market - hence my huge Tool inventory. We decided we wanted our weekends off, husband and his friend got promoted at work, boy #1 is on second shift and boy #2 and boy #3 have school.
So guess who's the boss now?
Selling Tools no less?
I have a great reputation on other online auction sites for excellent customer service and fast shipment. I have a vast array of knowedgable "guys" around for your TOOL questions. You can confidently make a purchase at Farvel Cargo!
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