Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Save The Comforter, Save My World

With a fist full of gift cards and cash, I made my way back to the shopping arena. Shopping as God intended, getting stuff for myself that I actually like.
Before I continue, is it wrong of me to be happy to not hear that bell ringing?
Anyway, one of the items on my list was a new comforter for our bed. You can read about what happened to the old comforter here. I found one. Comfortably fluffy and matched the curtains that the old comforter matched. The problem I planned to work around was the fact that it was a lovely cream color. One simple request I asked my house full of testosterone, "Please close the bedroom door when you let the dog into the house so I can clean her paws before she jumps on the bed." Not 24 hours after the comforter was place on that bed two muddy paw prints showed up. Clearly I asked to much of "them". I would love some snow right now.


Anonymous said...

FIRST. (I know it's "gay" but I still had to do it.)

We don't have a dog, but I'm usually the one bringing the muddy paw prints into the house.

Suzanne said...

LOL! You are the FIRST one to ever do that to me!

I usually leave a bucket of soapy water by the door. Maybe you should try that.