Monday, April 27, 2009

Sue and Bill's Wild Weekend Part 3: And This Will Be It Then

The uneventful vacations, the fun-filled, stress free vacations, are the ones the husband and I take alone. When we returned from our wild weekend, no-one had broken anyone else's arm, there was no throw-up in the back seat and the car didn't lose a door. We just came home and unpacked, with a lot less money, but we would have ended up spending it on the catastrophies that are our children anyway. I can't think of one vacation we've taken throughout the years that they didn't screw up in some way, we've been going about this vacation thing all wrong. We will be leaving them behind from now on.
Just in case my boys read this, "Mommy loves you!"


I have been roasted over at Confessions of a Reforming Geek or the husband has been, I think both of us. But Reforming Geek lumped me in with a couple of really good bloggers, Bee of Bee's Musings and Kirsten of The Soccer Mom Files, so I'm feeling pretty cool right now.
Thank you Reforming Geek!


ReformingGeek said...

You are welcome, Sue. Of course you are a really good blogger!

I think my parents enjoyed it when they left my brother and me at home on their vacations! My brother and I were always acting up.

Relax Max said...

I can't believe how long I have been away from your delightful blog. I have missed so many things, so many posts, but mostly I've missed your vacation to the casino in West Virginia.

See.. that's why you fill me with wonderment. If someone made me sit down and make a list of dream vacations, or even weekend getaways, I am the kind of person who is just too stupid to write down something like, "Let's not just throw all our money away on food and stuff. Instead, let's give it to a casino in... umm... West Virginia. That's it! Casino. Las vegas? Screw Las Vegas. Let's go to West Virginia - it costs more to drive there than it costs to fly to Las Vegas."

I have only met one person in my entire life from West Virginia. And that was a Gomer Pyle type when I was in basic training. I don't remember his name ("Private Bubba" comes to mind, but I am not sure after all these years) but I DO remember he called a chimney a chimley, and said "Look right cheer" a lot. And now, by gum, they've got casinos.

And you say you still have all your car doors? I don't exactly know where you live since I can't remember what you said on your blogger profile and am too excited reading your back posts to look it up right now again, but I am guessing it isn't Henderson, right? Although people in Henderson probably do drive to West Virginia just to get shed of the rafts of Las Vegas Trannies on the prowl on a sweaty Vegas Saturday night. So maybe you do.

I read all three of your vacation posts, so that's why this comment is limited to that subject. My main thought while reading the three posts about your vacations was, "Holy Jim Kirk, there's GOT to be something better than this if I take the time to scroll down farther!" And so I will be back to see if there is. I will try to make a longer comment next time, especially since I have been gone so long fron from the chocolate yumminess that is your blog (but no longer than you have been gone from MY blog, I hasten to add), but I really couldn't think of that much to say about your vacation so I kept it short and to the point this time. I am glad you returned safe and sound from the wilds of West Virginia and even happier that the snow has finally melted from the WalMart parking lot. Take care. I want to also compliment you for not allowing your blog to degenerate back into a girly morass. And you could have done that.

I don't know you well enough yet to say this Sue, but I'm betting you kept your bungee cord. I would have, so you are in good company. Actually, that's not quite true: you would be in MY company. Can't win 'em all. But then you know that, just having visited a casino, don't you? :)

Nooter said...

so your back home- fine, great. what about the dog?

what about the dog??

Kirsten said...

That's funny, when I go on vacation with my husband, there is still throw up in the car.

Suzanne said...

Thank you again ReformingGeek!

Relax Max - Dear God your comment is longer than most of my posts. Yes I kept the bungee cord. West Virginia was just a weekend trip, we'll go to Vegas if we have a whole week and a boat load of money, maybe. The husband had enough of the morons sitting at the Black Jack tables with him, something about sitting on a soft six against a seven, I don't know. It might be a while before we go gambling again.

Nooter - Buckeye is fine and was very happy to see us when we got home.

Kirsten - I thought they grew out of car sickness, bummer.