Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doh! Erv is my brother!

Since the beginning of the year, when I told my brother, "I'm so blogging about this." He has been faithfully reading my blog and commenting anonymously. Here are few of his comments:

From - The Unmistakable, Over-Powering Smell of Bleach
Great Story!!!
I thought the brother was awesome!

And - It's Time To Tell The Fish Story
This sounds way to familiar, The exact same thing happened to me as a kid. Has your brother recovered yet?

When he realized his sister was slightly retarded he changed his username to erv. erv? No where close to his real name but everyone at work calls him that, he became more obvious and he left these comments:

hey sue,
Thanks for sharing my allergy story. I like to think that I looked more like Rocky when he said "cut me Mick."

I'll give a hint. You,re coming to my house on Sunday for my son,s birthday and cook out.

Ohhh! erv is my brother! The sad part of this story is that he bet his wife I wouldn't catch on, she thought I would and said she would run around the house in the snow while wearing her bathing suit and make a snow angel in the back yard if I didn't. The poor woman has to do just that next winter, it took me so long to get a clue the bet couldn't continue and is being carried over until a climate change. I feel bad she got caught up in a little sibling rivalry but honestly if I didn't go over and take pictures when she follows through on the bet what kind of blogger would I be?


ReformingGeek said...

That's funny. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Thanks for the comments on my new blog design. I used some of the tutorials from Blogger Buster and I got the new template from Our Blogger Templates. I created a test blog to play around with it and copy over my existing widgets. I'm not expert but if you want more info or have a specific question, you can contact me at at gmail dot com

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

The good news is that he reads your blog!

Skye said...

That is priceless! I love that you didn't even recognize your own brother when he came by for a visit! Ah, who am I kidding, I wouldn't recognize mine either if either one of them came in as anonymous. Who would ever think that family is interested in blogging?

Suzanne said...

ReformingGeek - The next time I feel like pulling my hair out with this blog template you will be the first one I call.

Ora - I know, he shocked the hell out of me.

Skye - All you have to say is, "I blogged about you and they read!