Thursday, May 06, 2010

Don't put Dad in a coma

The damn diabetic tried like hell to get someone to make him brownies last night.
A. It was 9:00 ......... pm, I've never turned my oven on that late, I'm not even sure it works that late. I probably won't bake anything until Christmas anyway
2. No one wanted the responsibility of causing a diabetic coma. It's a little rule I have in the household, "Don't put Dad in a coma."

The husband has phases, right now he's in the "I know more than that guy that has a, I'm a doctor, I have a degree and everything, see it on the wall there?"
So Mr. I don't want all my toes anyway, made them himself. I left the room, I had people to ice in Mafia Wars. The oven works at the ungodly hour of 9:00 pm, because I heard him rattling around in there. Amazingly he found everything, huh, that is brain cell I need to activate, the husband does know where stuff is in the kitchen. He definitely slipped up there, it's in the vault now.

He used the wrong pan and blamed the the unevenness of the brownies on that pan and the fact that it is a gas oven. Gas ovens suck according to the Iron Chef.
I've been asking him for 12 years to even out the oven. Everything I bake is uneven. I take a 9 x 13 to any one's house for dinner and they know it's mine ...... because it's uneven.

At 11:00 I got ready for bed, in the kitchen I said, "Got your brownies huh?"
"Yeeees, I'm still alive and if you will notice I didn't eat them all."
"That's great babe. Would it be alright if I turned off the oven now?"


ReformingGeek said...

That would never happen around here. He wouldn't want to suffer the wrath of leaving the kitchen in a mess.

Mike Golch said...

We have been having a lot of "FUN" over here at Golch Central.Celestine had an extremely low blood sugar.I found her out in the bathroom.She may had been there a couple of hours before I found her.Now here is why this happend it happened abput 8:30 in the morning.When I got up to go to the bathroom,It took some time and 2 doses of glucagon to get her feeling ok.Now That was scarry.

Suzanne said...

Reforming Geek - There are so many things that go wrong when they get stupid ideas.

Mike - That does sound scary!

Candice said...

Mafia wars is so 1 year ago. ;)

Leeuna said...

Isn't that just like a man. Wayne is forever more leaving the oven on. We could save a fortune in utility bills if he would stop baking. (or maybe I should start) LOL.

Leeuna said...

I just gave you a Sunshine Award. Drop by my blog and pick it up when you have the time.

Suzanne said...

Thank you Leeuna!