Saturday, February 12, 2011


At the workplace is it expected that the majority of the employees have a reasonable amount of intelligence. They went through the process of filling out an application, an interview and they managed to drive themselves to said place of employment. One would have to come to the conclusion, no matter how hard it is to say, that the office is not filled with a bunch of morons. It may not seem that way but there are sparks of intellect flying around most of the time. We were all taught at a young age the process of walking into a building, retaining that information, making a mental picture, so to speak, of the door we just walked through. Day after day we walk into the door and then, even after a long trying day, we are able to find our way out of the building by walking through that very same door we had, hours ago, walked into. If for some reason that information loses it's place in our head, we don't panic because above all the doors leading to the outside world there is a big sign above that reads, and we all can read, EXIT.
So I ask you, because I am a curious person, and I would really like to understand this:
Why, in the name of Zeus's butt hole, do we have to have maps of the interior of the building plastered on the walls telling us "YOU ARE HERE" and a red arrow leading us to the nearest exit?
I will await your response, thank you.


ReformingGeek said... goes:

1. Sometimes fire exits are different than the regular exits. At least that's the way it was in our building.

2. That info is for visitors.

3. The fire code says you gotta.

4. It's for people like me that are easily lost.

Symdaddy said...


It's for those times when you fart, and it really is a nose melter, and you need to get out quick so as not to get the blame for it!


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that our place of work has nothing to do with work but is, in reality, a huge government experiment. I believe they are depriving us of oxygen and/ or are subjecting us to various chemical tests. The sign is there in case our memory function goes kaput. Of course that begs the question: how am I supposed to remember that there is a sign? Devious...

Suzanne said...

Carol - You are just suppose to run aimlessly and follow the panicked crowd, aren't you?

Jamie - Government conspiracy, that explains a lot. Yep, that's what it is. Doh!

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I used to make these signs for a living. Nobody ever looks at them, especially not in a fire. Then they're too busy screaming and running away with their arms waving in the air. I think they're required mostly to help signmakers stay in business.

Suzanne said...

Mike - Isn't that the standard plan in case of a fire? Run screaming with your arms waving in the air. That's what I would do.