Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hey Mom? Does This Look Right To You?

"One knee twice it's size, no honey, it doesn't look right. What the hell did you do?"
"Let me guess. You were just standing there?"
'I was just standing there' is the is the standard response when I ask, 'What did you do?' I should know better by now, try to mix up my standard questions.

Boy #3 and I spent the late afternoon yesterday at the doctors office. Now with three boys, I've seen my share of "procedures" but fluid extraction from a knee was a first for me. Pretty cool. The normal color of "knee fluid" is yellowish/greenish. That's what the doctor told me. There was no blood in it so that was a plus. The fact that Boy #3 has no idea what happened and feels no pain has the doctor puzzled, hands on his hips, eyebrows scrunched puzzled. So the "knee fluid" is on it's way to the lab and we get to go to the orthopedic surgeon Friday.
I tried like hell to get the appointment with the cute orthopedic surgeon that my mother-in-law goes to but couldn't get in, damn!

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