Monday, May 26, 2008

Let the Partying Begin

I say bring it on baby! We have some kind of a party scheduled every weekend for the rest of the summer. Thank God for a steady paycheck. May is an expensive month in our family, so we've put a ban on anymore events taking place in May. No weddings are allowed to take place in the month of May and pregnancies must be planned carefully. It had to be done or we're going to have to start putting up a Christmas tree May 1st.
June traditionally the month of graduation parties, is also filled with bridal showers and a 50th anniversary party. All I can do is hope for plenty of alcohol being served at each and every one of the parties we have to misfortune of being invited to.
The boys have conspired against us, one is getting married this summer, one is graduating and one is learning to drive. I'll be selling a kidney by August.

Did I say misfortune of being invited to? Rather harsh especially since I'm having parties of my own this summer. Disregard that statement!


Anonymous said...

Wait. Do you have learning to drive parties at your house?

Suzanne said...

You might as well make it fun!

Ellen said...

This is hysterical!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Ellen!