Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is that the one when she stabs him in the neck with a pen?

I got myself "into" a movie tonight. The husband was in the backyard burning stuff so I found myself in charge of the remote. The movie Red Eye caught my attention, but since I'm legally obligated to not leave any of my children standing in a dark parking lot waiting for a ride home from work, I had to hit the record button so I could see the end. This woman was in quite a pickle up there on the airplane.
On our way home I asked Boy #3 if he'd ever seen Red Eye.
"What's it about?"
"Well they're up there in a plane, a terrorist and a woman, he has a fellow terrorist watching her fathers house, if she doesn't switch some government officials hotel room to an easier to kill him room, terrorist A will have terrorist B kill her father. But I had to stop watching and record it because I had to pick up you. How was work?"
"It was busy but not crazy busy. Is that the one when she stabs him in the neck with a pen?"

"Like I said, I haven't seen the whole movie yet. But thanks for the heads up on the pen, honey."
I should have left him in the dark parking lot.


Nooter said...

burning stuff... was he grilling?
mmm.... grilled meats...

ReformingGeek said...

I think you set yourself up for that one!


Skye said...

I have to agree with Reffie on this one Sue, looks like you may have set yourself up!

Relax Max said...

Sounds like a good movie, though.

Candice said...

You sure you aren't talking about snakes on a plane?

JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, poo. Well, you saved yourself valuable time that you can spend watching part of another movie that your son can spoil.

Suzanne said...

Nooter - Sorry, justs fallen tree branches and stuff.

ReformingGeek and Skye - No way, he knew I was recording it.

Relax Max - It wasn't bad, he got stabbed in the neck shortly after I started watching again, so the rest of the movie was a surprise.

Candice - There is absolutely no chance in hell that I would watch a movie that involved an airplane full of snakes. Never gonna happen.

JD - I watched it anyway, it wasn't totally ruined.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it either. Now that I think I know the ending, do I need to bother?

Suzanne said...

Jamie - It's not a bad movie. The stabbing with a pen thing was not the ending, it just slowed him down a little bit.