Sunday, March 06, 2011

Remember to feed the dog, we'll be back Sunday

Since it's our money and not theirs until we are dead, the husband and I ran off for the weekend and chipped away at the kids inheritance. I very much miss the days when the boys were young but you can't beat packing one suitcase, carrying it to the door, looking back at whoever might be listening and say, "Remember to feed the dog, we'll be back Sunday." It's a high that you really can't explain unless you've traveled with children. Neither of us threw up and we never had to threaten anyone that we would "pull this car over right now."

Taking these weekend trips are for us and us only, so there are no souvenirs involved either. We don't want to spoil them. They have come to rely on mom's ingenuity, free stuff. On this trip I scored eye makeup remover, a couple tea bags, a hot chocolate pack, hand lotion, a still wrapped in cellophane cup and coffee cup, a coffee package specially made for hotel coffee makers, a pack of creamer and a small pack of salt. These will be dispersed among my children. I brought home some matches but at the ages of 24, 21 and 18, I still don't trust them with a pack of matches and probably never will.


Leeuna said...

Sue, I agree with you. I's so much easier to vacation without kids. But I hate to tell you this -- when the grandkids come along, there goes your childless weekend trips.

Unknown said...

Hey you to my blog...

Anonymous said...

What!?!? I thought vomitless and threat-free trips were a product of overactive imaginative writers... Oh wait... I get it- the WRITING CLASS!!! I feel better now. You had me going for a minute.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Oh, Sue, you've just made me very nostalgic! My wife, Kerry, and I used to take a trip every February to a little secluded hotel in the mountains where they had a really good seafood buffet and a fireplace in the room. It was wonderful. Then we had kids, and you know the rest of the story. I'd like to get back to those days, but it'll be at least two more years, I'm afraid.

Your photo also reminds of a story I saw about a guy who collects all the free shampoo and conditioner bottles from his hotels. He travels a lot, and has hundreds and hundreds of them. So many, that his wife is angry about it. He says he's saving the family money, but obviously it's a hoarding behavior.

Suzanne said...

Leeuna - I'm not taking any grandkids on vacation with us, no way.

Chanin - Thank you. I promise to visit as much as I can. The new class starts the 16th, we'll see how much time it takes up.

Jamie - No really, there was no vomit, I know it's hard to believe. I wouldn't have a few years ago.

Mike - So glad to have taken you down memory lane. Doesn't it suck? We can have our dogs boarded in kennels, but not the kids. It would be so convenient.

Josie said...

Don't fret, I have a solution for when the grandkids come along. You both get motorbikes. Or even better, just hubby gets a bike and you ride pillion. But I never saw the fun in that.
This has several benefits:
If you're sick of each other you don't have to talk because you can't anyone due to the helmets.
All your gear is packed in one small bag if you're sharing a bike, or two if you have a bike each. Hence no room for souvenirs etc.
When you stop wherever you're going you get a hotel close to all the "action" whatever that is so you can walk there and don't have to put on all your bike gear whenever you go out which means . . . .you can drink as much as you like because no one is driving!
Finally, there is no room for freeloaders, kids, or grandkids!
Hm, why did I sell the bike, I wonder?)

Suzanne said...

Josie - Motorcycles? Huh, all of a sudden I feel the need to crank up Born to be Wild.