Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Which button, which button?

"I just don't understand. There's a POWER button and an ON/OFF button and I turn it on by pushing the POWER button?"
"No. Mom how many times.....?" Boy #3 is exasperated.
Standing in front of the fairly new TV like I always do with the remote when I try to turn it on, I consult my offspring, the exasperated one.
"You push the ON/OFF button."
"Oh that's right, I always forget. I don't want to push the wrong one because then I really don't know which one of these five smaller ones to push to fix it, you know......" Boy #3 had retreated to his room during my confusion. That's alright, it's not like I don't know where he lives.
Most of the time I just leave the TV on now so I don't have to turn it on, especially if no one's home. That's why I have the memory lapse's.
Boy #1 came over Sunday, out of the corner of my eye I could see him point the remote towards the TV.
"Nooooooo." I dove in front of the TV just like a Secret Service Agent taking a bullet for the President. "Which button did you push?" I looked at the TV and the screen was blank. "Which button, which button?"
"Did you take your little green pill today?"
"I have to get your brother involved now, he's losing his patience with me."
"You don't know how to turn on your own TV?"
I smacked him on top of his head with the remote and called his brother.
"This is...there's got to be....what the hell? Why is this so difficult."
"I'm going to look up how to program it."
"Would you please, this is disconcerting."
"Don't use your big writing class words with me. What does that mean?"
I had so much fun in my Writing Class that I'm taking another, starting March 16. I think I've learned a lot, I'll be knocking your socks off very soon.


ReformingGeek said...

I'm sorry but you can't come to my house. We have way too many buttons and you might get me all confused.


Suzanne said...

Carol - It really shouldn't be that hard. I think they are doing it to me on purpose.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

Electronics are perhaps the only reasonable explanation for having kids.

Still hate 'em.

Use all the big words you want.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike. My daughter is 7. She showed me how to play games on my phone. It's sick.

Careful with the class. I need my socks.

Suzanne said...

Mike and Jamie - I'll use big words but not big enough to knock your socks off. I hope this doesn't cost me a famous writing career.