Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have this ball bouncing around in there, smacking the sides of my skull and rolling around my brain rendering me an idiot

I know I have a lot of male commentors so there's a good chance you missed my post at, it's a woman's online magazine that has politely accepted my request to blog for them. So what did I do? I posted about boy stuff. I'm just a rebel and I'm never, ever, ever gonna be any good. Now go read this post so you can follow along with the rest of this one. So I guess I have a "Bracket" now?

Apparently "it" is starting again, tonight. The madness I mean. If I have one more guy explain the crazy world of Brackets to me again my brain will explode. You know how it is when you really don't give a flying crap about a particular subject? Or your brain is too busy to process useless information. Or no matter how hard you concentrate you're just never going to get, oh say the Flux Capacitor, Quantum Physics or March Madness NCAA College Basketball Brackets.
The information that is being forced into my brain, because I was foolish enough to listen to the guy at work and fill out a bracket, cause it's free, is giving me brain damage. This information is going in and I think because I can't process it, has formed into a ball of useless knowledge. Without the ability to understand the bracket concept or just not wanting to, I have this ball bouncing around in there, smacking the sides of my skull and rolling around my brain rendering me an idiot.
How much longer does the Madness last? I use my brain almost everyday and have become very fond of it, I'd really like to keep it intact as much as possible. I've got myself closed in my office at the moment. Eventually I'll have to use the facilities. Do I have to avoid my family all weekend?
The guy at work, the one that started this, I have him under control. He doesn't speak of it. Would you like to know why? Cause I'm kicking his ass, that's why. He's going down. He's probably out of it already. A girl is beating him, me.


ReformingGeek said...

Brackets? Sheesh. No wonder I'm confused. I was holding out for parenthesis.


Relax Max said...

North Carolina

Relax Max said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your guest post on upskirt dot com about what people think about while they are having a seizure. It was gritty stuff, but I am the better for it.

A pity they don't allow men to comment on that site. Or I sure as hell would have.

Relax Max said...

And, boyOboy, you sure don't want to be on an LSD trip when your seizure strikes. Take my word for that. Ask the Greek before she reformed if you don't believe me.

Relax Max said...

"Geek" Jeez.

But Greek is funny too.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I've never watched a basketball game, and I have no clue what a bracket is or why anybody would want one. I know our President has one.

I am a failure as a man.

Suzanne said...

Carol - Parenthesis are for Football, pretty sure.

Relax Max - I'm sure those women over at upskirt would let you comment, you just have to register.
Greek is funny, let's call her The Greek. Did you see that your "guest post" has made it on my top ten most popular posts?

Mike - Never watched a basketball game? Huh.

Leeuna Foster said...

I didn't know a basketball could get brackets. Is that anything like rickets? Poor ball. Now I'm off to read your skirt post. :)

Suzanne said...

Leeuna - It happens every March too. You'd think they'd have fixed it by now.

Relax Max said...

Nooooo... I hadn't noticed! How cool is that! I've never been on anybody's top list of anything before, especially on a real blog and not a TWADDLE blog like mine. Mines. Mineses. :) I sure hope all this attention you've been giving me doesn't expose my literary fraudiness. Thank You!

Speaking of literary frauds, is that writing school instructor still trying to tell YOU how to write? Harumph and harumph. As if.

Having a party at the pub tomorrow (Thursday) so please show up. Bring the Greek. If you can drag her away from her BIG FAT WEDDING. And

bring the cake.

Relax Max said...

Forget North Carolina.

Kentucky all the way.

Relax Max said...

Man, you sure have a lot of comments on this post. Whoa. Are you popular, or WHAT?

Along These Lines ... said...

I had that ball, too, once - from a childhood accident. But they removed it.