Friday, June 19, 2009

The Amish in their Natural Habitat

When we got sucked into the world of travel baseball we traveled. We traveled an hour and a half to play a seven inning game and then turned around and traveled an hour and a half back home - good times. The family knows I'm directionally challenged and they were afraid for me. The coaches soon found out the extent of my directional illness and exploited it. "I'm following you coach, don't loose me."
"Okay! Try to keep up."
I adapted and put as many of the ball players in my car as I could fit, that way if they lost me they wouldn't have enough players for the game. I specifically sought out the starting pitcher for that days game. And threw him in my car. I may not know which way to turn at the end of my driveway but I'm not retarded. Diesel, this is like number 4 or 5, is it working?
On our way home from one game out in farm country it was
just me and the baseball player, Boy #2. "You didn't notice this on the way out here because you were too busy changing my radio station and burping with your buddies, but we're driving through Amish country."
"The real Amish? Those are their houses? Are they having a barn raising? Is that a horse pulling a buggy? It is! It's on the road with the cars! Look there's some Amish people in their yard."
He bounced around the car, smooshing his
nose to the windows, taking it all in.
"You know you've seen Amish people before, they did our roof, remember?"
"Yeah, but I've never seen them in their natural habitat."


Chris said...

Natural habitat. Nice.

nipsy said...

Hahahaha...leave it up to a child..

DouglasDyer said...

Their natural habitat. That's funny.

ReformingGeek said...

Ah, those mysterious creatures, the Amish. Maybe they should charge admission.

Nooter said...

when does amish season open?
is it still catch and release?
what kind of bait would you use to lure one?

tell us more about these 'amish'

Suzanne said...

Natural Habitat, it cracks me up every time I think of it.

Nooter - They travel in vans, don't believe in buttons and don't have electricity. I'm sure they have very nice Amish dogs, but those are harder to spot.