Thursday, June 18, 2009

When Grandpa Forgot His Teeth

When my boys were small my father-in-law use to take his teeth out to get them to giggle. I have more than a few pictures of him with a big toothless grin and a laughing grandson on his lap. The guy was as comfortable with his teeth out as he was with them in.
We were reminiscing through some old pictures one day and came across some of my sister-in-law's wedding photo's that I took. I remember the hustle and bustle that morning in the living room of my in-laws house, my sister-in-law fussing over her dress with my mother-in-law, pictures being snapped, the men folk outside smoking and discussing the car order to the church, my father-in-law walking down the hall without his teeth.
Yep, I was trying to keep Boy #1, the only one I had at the time, out of the way when I saw Dad walking down the hall adjusting his suit, he looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back and took his picture, then saved him. "Hey you look great, now go put your teeth in for the pictures."
"Oh! I forgot them." He was genuinely surprised.
We haven't seen that toothless grin in person since 1997, but when my boys found the picture they held it up and just inquired, "Mom?"
"That's the day Grandpa forgot his teeth."
Then they giggled.


Chris said...

And they'll carry that with them forever. Beautiful, in a quirky sorta way.

Tonia said...

Toothless Grandpa. You could turn that one into a song.

ReformingGeek said...

That's sweet. I worked with a guy who was missing his front teeth but he had "teeth" he could wear. Often, he wouldn't wear them. It was not near as funny as Grandpa.

Suzanne said...

Chris - The grandkids were all young when grandpa passed but they all have the best memories of him. That man didn't have an enemy, everyone loved him!

Tonia - There probably is a country song about that already.

ReformingGeek - Grandpa always had them in at appropriate times, it's just this time he honestly forgot - priceless!