Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can I have another car, I wrecked this one?

"Let me get this straight," says the husband. "You haven't been involved in a car accident in 18 years, and I love you for that, but today you decide to get in one when you're not even driving your own car?"
"Well, to be fair, one never really decides to get in an accident, sometimes your foot just misses the brake pedal. And I love you too."
"I can't get away from work, you're going to have to take that car to the dealership and tell them what happened, the truck isn't ready yet you know."
"I'll get another car, don't you think?"
"You might want to call someone to pick you up. And let me know how much this is going to cost us."

The good news is he still loves me after I wrecked a loaner car.
The bad news is the repairs are well over our deductible.

We wouldn't have had a loaner car if the repairs on our truck didn't take four working days and a weekend to get fixed. But the dealership is now government owned so what did we expect really. They gave me another car.

God bless the woman I rear-ended, nothing was wrong with her car and she didn't even want my name, number, insurance information and firstborn. Then again, maybe she felt guilty for talking on her cell phone and slamming on her brakes because she missed her turn.


nipsy said...

Hence the reason every state should have it illegal to talk/text/rant on cell phone while driving. Glad to hear you're okay and get to keep your firstborn.

Oh, and smart man as

Chris said...

Glad it worked out. Now do the American thing and call a lawyer and SUE THE CELL PHONE YAPPING WENCH!

ReformingGeek said...

Yikes! I'm glad it was a loaner.

Suzanne said...

nipsy - Yeah I get to keep the firstborn, but I was going to offer him first if things got ugly.

Chris - No information was exchanged, I got the hell out of there.

ReformingGeek - Not me, I'm not glad. We probably would have had it fixed, it was basically a cosmetic thing. Now my insurance is going up! Gah!

Anonymous said...

I would have been inclined to drop it off at the dealership and demand a different one because "this one has a scuff on it and my OCD won't allow me to keep driving it."

Oh, BTW is blogging while driving bad??

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

Lucky you hit a decent person.
My sister got hit, and he sued her, thinking she'd capitulate just to avoid all the mess... she didn't, and won, but had it hanging like a dark cloud over her head for months and months.

erv said...

Does mom know about this accident?

Suzanne said...

Jamie - Please tell me you're not driving anywhere in Ohio.

Ora - Isn't it terrible? The first thin that goes through your mind when in an accident - how much is this going to cost? not is anyone hurt?

erv - She knows and I made the mistake of telling her my back hurt a little.