Friday, June 12, 2009

Apparently I'm anal about my perennials

The Project Manager aka the husband has taken on the responsibility of organizing a work force to clean up the yard. I am in charge of the flower beds that go around the house because apparently I'm anal about my perennials. That is only because there is not enough Weed Be Gone on the planet where the husband is concerned, he's spraying it everywhere. If it isn't grass he's killing it. I'm afraid to let the dog out.
When the husband takes on a project the boys scurry around like frightened mice, trying to find an exit plan. I've blogged about this before - here. So far they've been unsuccessful. They have the glamorous job of preparing the other flower beds for mulch.
"There's poison ivy in there you know."
"That's not poison ivy."
"Then rub it on your arm."
"It's not poison ivy." And he walked away.
Showing up the Project Manager is frowned upon and I'm hoping later in the board room I get fired.


ReformingGeek said...

Yikes! Run. Run.

Around here, I'm the PM for the yard but Hubby gets confused about this sometimes and I have to direct him as to where/how his riding mower can be operated.

The flower beds are definitely mine and he has no problem with that!

Right now, our backyard is very squishy after almost 4 inches of rain in a 24-hour time period. It could be worse.

Candice said...

Tell your hubs to get his ass in the kitchen and make you a pie.

DouglasDyer said...

It was poison ivy wasn't it? Leaves of three, let it be.

Skye said...

The yard is mostly my domain around here. I love yard work and hate house work. I'm a cook by trade and therefore don't want to cook when I get home, so I leave that up to Silver, besides, he's a better cook than I am anyway :D

As far as I'm concerned, it's a great trade. Silv does the cooking and some of the cleaning, the kid and I share the rest of the household chores, she cleans up the dogs messes in the yard and I take care of the mowing and flower beds. Yep, works for me :D

erv said...

I wish my family would run away.That way I could do the yard my way.

Anonymous said...

I'm with him. It's not poison ivy. Really. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to do that a little, then my wife got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. One day she kicked the $%#@ out of me, just playing. I think twice before I bark any orders these days. I'm not making any suggestions, I'm just saying...

Leigh said...

Hubby won't touch any of my gardens/flower beds, because I yelled at him once when he was 'weeding' my carrots right out of the garden...

Nooter said...

better than being perennial about your anals...

BooKooGuru said...

Sue, I love your blog! Thanks for putting the link to my ecrater store here. I'm linking from my blog to your store and your blog. You are too funny!!
YF, Ramona

Suzanne said...

ReformingGeek - I use to cut the grass on the riding lawnmower until the husband bought a John Deere, now I'm not allowed near it. Which is fine with me.

Candice - That's a good idea.

Doug - I know it's poison ivy. He's not itching yet.

Skye - The only thing my husband can cook are eggs and grilled cheese.

erv - You can come over and do my yard anyway you want to.

UR - Is so!

Jamie - You have a smart wife, I'm signing up for Tae Kwon Do lessons.

Leigh - My father-in-Law once weed wacked the phone line.

Nooter - Yes, I suppose that is better.

Ramona - Thank you! We did a link exchange somewhere along the forum at one time I just can't remember where or when! LOL!