Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm Lazy and I'm Outraged

The grocery store wants me to scan my own food, weigh my own produce and put it all in a bag myself? And the Italian Bread at the bakery is a dollar more than it was the last time I bought there? Hold on just one minute. It's an act of lunacy.
There were grocery store employees floating around helping us morons communicate with the machines they have been replaced with, but you know that won't last. They'll expect us to catch on to this modern age of grocery shopping. Haphazardly scanning our own Rice-a-Roni, with no-one there to listen when we say, "Did you scan that twice? I think you scanned that twice."
I saw a little old man wandering back and forth looking for a cashier, hopelessly lost, wondering how he was going to get his food home. And just as my heart strings were about to be stretched enough to take action (perhaps by standing on the grocery conveyor belt and screaming, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore, waving my fist too) a grocery store employee/formerly cashier guided the man by his arm to a cash register and proceeded to scan everything for him, his store card, credit card, Ben-Gay and weighed his prunes. I, on the other hand, struggled with the technology on my own, pushed the wrong button and had to listen to the pleasant computer voice say, "Please wait for assistance, please wait for assistance, please wait for assistance."


David said...

I hate those self-check lines and I have thusfar successfully refused to use them.

DouglasDyer said...

ME TOO!!! I think they should stop forcing them on us until they can make them work correctly. I did everything right and the stupid thing still kept telling me to put the already-bagged item into the bag until it froze up and the ex-cashier had to come unlock it. Grrrrr!

Anonymous said...

I hate the flashing red beacon that comes on when it locks up because the @#!$ scale isn't sensitive enough to detect you putting cotton balls in the sack. It may as well get on the PA and announce "Moron at register 2- use another lane". BOO SELF CHECK OUT! BOO!!!

PhilipDyer said...

Fight the power! The self-checkouts at my local Lucky store don't allow you to put a bag in the place where the groceries go after you scan them. You have to scan all of your groceries and put them on a shelf and then bag them after you're finished paying. That is the opposite of progress.

Leigh said...

That's the one great thing about small towns, we're so far behind the times that our stores don't even have the self check lanes yet, and hopefully never will!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Great post. I also hate those stupid things. My success rate at getting through unhelped is about 10%. Bleh.

And then there's the sarcasm from the self-checkout "experts" who think they're superior to the rest of us. In fact I even wrote about that here.

Suzanne said...

David - We must all rebel against them!

Doug - Join mine and David's rebellion.

Jamie - You might as well put a dunce hat on when that happens.

Philip! - Both brothers commenting on my post, I feel honored. You guys are great. I fully intend to blog about you two and the post you linked me to!

Leigh - They'll be after you small towns next.

Jeff - Those "experts" have way too much time on their hands. I have better things to do than mastering the art of scanning.

erv said...

I love the self check. That way I don't have to talk to anyone.

Suzanne said...

erv - They were made for people like, little or no social interaction.